​Safety data sheet

This SDS adheres to the standards and regulatory requirements of the United States and may not meet the regulatory requirements of other countries.

Section 1. Product and Company Identification

Product Name:

polarstone™ quartz surface

Restrictions on Use:

Surfacing Applications for recommended applications


polarstone™ quartz surface

28241 Crown Valley Parkway

Suite F-205

Laguna Nigel, CA 92677

Office Phone - 888-719-1126

Office FAX ---- 909-932-3078

Section 2. Hazards Identification


As shipped, non-hazardous quartz surfacing product

Hazard Warnings:

Exposure limits may be applicable when cutting or grinding product creating dust, which can contain particles of crystalline silica (quartz). Overexposure to airborne quartz particles can cause silicosis.

Signal Word:

Danger: Do not breathe dust (S22). Wear suitable respiratory equipment when ventilation insufficient (S38)

Risk Phrase:

Danger of serious health damage by prolonged exposure through inhalation. (R 20/48)

Section 3. Composition/Information on Ingredients

  • Ingredient CAS# Percent
  • Quartz 14808-60-7 >85%
  • Non Regulated Ingredients Mixture <15%

Section 4. First Aid Measures

First aid measures are not required when exposed to slabs of material. Always seek Medical assistance if necessary. In situations of exposure to particulates when cutting, grinding, etc, the slabs, the following measures are recommended:


Move individual to fresh air, seek medical assistance if individual experiences breathing difficulty.

Skin contact:

Wash exposed areas with soap and water.

Eye contact:

Flush eyes with water for at least 5 minutes. Do not rub eye. Seek Medical attention if individual experiences irritation after eye flushing.


Material is non-hazardous.


Symptoms of silicosis include coughing, wheezing, difficulty breathing and progressive impairment of lungs function.

Protection of First-aiders:

No applicable data available

Notes to Physicians:

No applicable data available

Section 5. Fire-fighting measures

Suitable extinguishing media:

The product itself does not burn. Use extinguishing measures that are appropriate to local situation and circumstances.

Unsuitable extinguishing media:

No applicable data available.

Specific Hazards:

No applicable data available.

Special protective equipment:

Wear self-contained breathing apparatus for firefighting if necessary

Section 6. Accidental Release Measures

Finished product does not contain hazardous substances. There are no Environmental precautions for handling an accidental release. See Section 7 for Handling procedures.

Section 7. Handling and Storage


Material does not require special storage instructions. It is recommended material be stored in an area protected from the environment.


Wear appropriate safety hand protection and foot wear.

Section 8. Exposure Controls/Personal Protection

Engineering controls:

Provide appropriate exhaust ventilation at places where dust is created.

Exposure Limit Values:

Not appropriate for material as shipped from manufacturer. When cutting or grinding for example, workers should seek from their employer appropriate personnel protective equipment as required by the work environment conditions and equipment.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Eye/Face protection:

Wear appropriate safety glasses with side shields

Hand Protection:

For additional protection, wear protective gloves.

Respiratory Protection:

In case of insufficient ventilation, wear suitable respiratory equipment. Dusk masks do not provide suitable respiratory protection.

Foot Protection:

Safety shoes are recommended when handling material.

Section 9. Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Appearance - Multicolored solid stone-like surface.
  • Odor - None
  • Odor Threshold - No applicable data available
  • pH - No applicable data available
  • Melting point/range - No applicable data available
  • Boiling point/range - No applicable data available
  • Flash point - Does not Flash
  • Evaporation rate - No applicable data available
  • Flammability (solid, gas) - May form combustible dust concentrations in air
  • Upper/Lower explosion limits - No applicable data available
  • Vapor Pressure - No applicable data available
  • Vapor density - Vapor Pressure
  • Relative density - 2.2 - 2.4 g/cm3
  • Solubility - No applicable data available
  • Partition Coefficient: n-octanol/water - No applicable data available
  • Auto-ignition temperature - No applicable data available
  • Decomposition temperature - No applicable data available
  • Viscosity - No applicable data available

Section 10. Stability and Reactivity

Reactivity - No applicable data available

Chemical stability - No applicable data available

Possibility of Hazardous reactions - None foreseen

Conditions to avoid - None foreseen

Incompatible materials - No applicable data available

Hazardous decomposition products - No decomposition occurs if used as directed

Section 11. Toxicological Information

Crystalline Silica - Silicosis caused by the inhalation and retention in the lungs of respirable crystalline silica dust.

Carcinogenicity for Crystalline Silica:

National Toxicity Program - "known to be a carcinogen"

IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) - Group 1 (carcinogenic to humans)

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) - regulates as carcinogen

Section 12. Ecological information

This product has no known ecotoxicological effects.

Section 13. Disposal Considerations

Waste disposal methods should follow local regulations.

Section 14. Transport Information

This product is not regulated as dangerous under transport regulations.

Section 15. Regulatory Information

Finished product is not regulated.

Section 16. Other Information

The information provided in the Safety Data Sheet is correct to the best of our knowledge, information and belief at the date of publication.

Publication date: April 5, 2016